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My Go-To Protein Shake- Raspberry Vanilla

rasp van protein shake

I have a protein shake every morning for breakfast.  I don’t love breakfast foods all that much, so just getting something in my body is my focus.  I make a lot of different protein shakes, but I have one that I make the most and it’s always my “go-to” shake.  It’s a quick, easy, and delicious way to start your day in a super healthy way!

rasp protein shake ingredients

Raspberry Vanilla Protein Shake

1 cup water

1 T chia seeds

1 T coconut oil

1 Scoop V-Core Vantage Vanilla Protein Powder

1/2 c frozen raspberries (or fresh raspberries plus a handful of ice cubes)

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

*You can substitute the raspberries for another fruit, raspberries are just one of my favorites*

** chia seeds and coconut oil are optional, but they both have ton of health benefits**


list willpower

Willpower is such a wonderful thing when we have it and the worst thing when we don’t!  I recently read a great article on this!  You can find it HERE or read my re-cap on it:

This article, called “Waiting for the Second Marshmallow,” has some awesome points that made me feel a little bit better about when I feel like my willpower is gone!

It says, “Willpower is the ability to delay immediate gratification in the name of long-term goals.  Think of it as self-regulation- more simply, resisting temptation.”  It talks about how each of us have a limited amount of willpower each day, and compared it to a bank account.  This makes so much sense.  When is the time do you feel like your willpower is at its weakest?  For me, it’s at night and when I’m tired.  According to the article this is normal because by the time the day is at an end, we have probably used up all of our willpower.  We just don’t have any left in the tank to resist temptation anymore!

Fortunately, there are ways to build up our willpower, like a muscle!  Also, we can preserve some willpower for later in the day by planning things out the night before.  Here is how:

First- when we think of willpower, we usually think of being strong enough to stay no to desserts, or unhealthy foods.  But, there is a lot more to it than that.  The article gave some of the following examples: going to the gym when you really want to sleep in, not taking a gym selfie even though the lighting is perfect (I laughed a little too hard at this one :), not texting while driving, and cleaning up the house instead of watching TV.

So, let’s talk about saving up your willpower bank by planning what you can the night before.  By making a lot of little decisions before the day begins, you can start your day off with a little more in your “willpower bank account.”  Here are some ideas of what you can do: decide what you are going to wear, if you going to the gym or going to sleep in, decide on meals.  If you are going out to lunch and know where, look at the menu and decide what you are going to order so when you get there, you are not tempted by the unhealthy stuff.

Researchers believe we can build up our willpower like a muscle.  It’s pretty easy to do too!  Just “choose a low-risk task before bed and commit to it for 30 days.” The examples from the article include flossing, journaling, and doing the dishes.  If you consistently do this task each night, your task not only builds your willpower, but becomes a habit and then you can pick a new task!

Have you noticed if your willpower is lower when you are tired?  (Raising hand!)  Mine is almost non-existent if I am super tired.  So, by getting enough sleep, our willpower is stronger.

There are a lot of other ways to help us with our willpower including: positive thinking, avoiding temptation, and distraction (This is where the title of the article came from.  A 1970 study found that children who had a marshmallow placed in front of them and were told they would get another if they didn’t eat the first one until told, were most successful when they distracted themselves).  Meditation and exercise are also great helps at boosting willpower!

And my favorite one- imaginary eating! Yes, if you want a dessert, but really want to resist it, imagine yourself eating it!  There was a study that actually proved that this works in helping avoid temptation.  I actually do a similar thing that may or may not work for you… I smell the food!  It sounds a little crazy, but it works most of the time for me!  My favorite thing to smell is chocolate.  Honestly, when I smell it and then do give in and eat it, it does not taste as good as it smells or as good as I imagine it is going to taste.  Therefore, it is getting easier to just smell it and not eat it.  It’s a win-win!

The article was awesome and informative.  It was very encouraging to me and gave me a boost of confidence in myself and my own willpower!  Check it out!  and let me know what you think.  What other ideas/things do you do to help your willpower?

Willpower is the ability to delay immediate gratification in the name of long-term goals. Think of it as self-regulation—more simply, resisting temptation. – See more at:
Willpower is the ability to delay immediate gratification in the name of long-term goals. Think of it as self-regulation—more simply, resisting temptation. – See more at:

Getting Creative with Veggies

veggies top pick

We all know that it is important to eat vegetables.  I’m lucky and love my veggies!  But, I know a lot of people do not feel the same way.  There are a lot of different ways to prepare and have veggies, but sometimes we can get stuck in a rut with them.  So, I’ve made a list of ideas to get those veggies in our diet!


This is the one that I do more than anything else.  It’s quick and easy and then you can add any spices on top.  I do this a lot with broccoli and green beans.  I steam them and then drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle a little garlic salt on top.  Yum!


I just recently started doing this.  My favorite vegetable for this is cauliflower.  My favorite recipe for it is HERE!  Just last night I roasted carrots, green beans and onions.  I heated the oven to 450 degrees, laid parchment paper on a cookie sheet, diced the onion and halved the carrots.  I laid them out on the cookie sheet, drizzled olive oil and honey over the veggies and them roasted them for about 15 minutes.  They were amazing!!!



Making chips is a great way to get your veggies!  There are lots of different veggies you can do this with besides potatoes.  Sweet potatoes, zucchini, carrots, egg plant, kale.  The directions to do this depends on what type of vegetable you are making into chips.


There are lots of different sauces you can make with vegetables.  I made a butternut squash pasta sauce found  HERE.   My 2 year old has not been eating any sauces lately, but he loved this one!  At first he didn’t notice there was sauce at all because it was almost the same color as the pasta.  There are also yummy and healthy sauces to put veggies into.  I am 100% in love with curry!  I make THIS on a regular basis!  This first time I made it, my then 3 year old told me it was “the greatest dinner ever.”  And my 1 year old was shoveling it in his mouth as fast as he could.



We all know this one.  And I do love my regular, romaine lettuce salad.  (Romaine lettuce, craisins, sunflower seeds, Parmesan cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinegar)  I eat it for lunch almost every day in the summer.  However, there are other ways to make salad besides lettuce.  You can make a salad out of chopped up peppers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, and some corn.  Add a healthy dressing and you are set.  So good!



This is a great way to get a lot of different vegetables in one meal.  If you make your soup from scratch, it can be such a healthy meal or side!  It must be getting close to fall because I have another yummy butternut squash recipe… HERE.  And a sweet potato one I cannot wait to try that my good friend made.  I know it will be delicious because everything she makes is! Find it HERE.

breezy bakes soup (via)


Most people like raw vegetables… when they dip them into an unhealthy dip.  And while it may be better to eat them that way then not at all, there are healthy dips out there.  One that I have tried and love is so simple!  All you do is get 1/2 cup of non-fat Greek yogurt and 1 Tablespoon of dry ranch dressing mix and mix them together!  That’s it.


I make a protein shake every morning.  I usually use frozen fruit, but how easy would it be to throw in some veggies?  We all know about adding spinach, which is an awesome veggie, and most people don’t even notice it.  I used to do this, but pregnancy with my first child kind of ruined it for me.  But, there are so many other vegetables that can be added to protein shakes and smoothies!  How about pumpkin?  And any type of lettuce… romaine, kale, etc.  Then there is the always refreshing cucumber!  Yum!  If you have a high powered blender (I love my Vitamix!) you can blend it to a very smooth consistency, which makes a big difference!  If you are like me and protein shakes or smoothies are your breakfast, how great is it to get a serving or two of veggies right at the beginning of your day?!  Win!

Out of all of the foods we eat, vegetables should be at the top of our list of importance.  Not only are they low in calories, but they have a ton of nutrients our bodies need to function!  It has been proven that eating veggies regularly (3-5 servings a day) can reduce your risk of cancer, Type II diabetes, and many other diseases.  So, however you do it, do what your mom always told you to, and eat your veggies!!!

Do you have other ways to prepare your veggies?  Please share!!!

Ten Race Day Tips for Running a Marathon

race day marathon tips

I recently ran a marathon.  26.2 miles.  It was fun… mostly.  This was my third marathon, but the last one I did was over 7 years ago!  My dad has done all 3 with me and this one was his 16th or 17th!  And, he has only been doing them for 9 years!  How amazing is it that he became a marathoner at the age of 47?  He’s my hero :).  So, all of these tips are pretty much from him.  He’s way more of an expert than me!  We both learned a few things this race- as everyone probably does with each race.  So, here are 10 tips for running a marathon that can really be applied to any race!

list png10. Make a list: I am a list maker.  For everything!  But, I did not make a list of all the stuff I needed to have ready the morning of the race.  So, do you know what I did for about a week before the race?  I had nightmares every single night!  I wasn’t even really nervous about the race because I wanted to run it slow and just have fun. But, I worried every night about whether or not I had everything ready!  So, a week or so before the race, make a list of every little single thing you think you might possibly need.  Even if you are not traveling, I would still “pack” for the race.  Just so you have everything ready to go.

9. Thrift Store: Most races I have done, the starting line is pretty cold.  And, you are hanging around for an hour or more waiting for the race to start.  Races usually provide bags that you can put your stuff in and then pick up at the finish line, which is great, but there are 2 cons to this. 1- You have to have the bag, with all your warm gear, in the truck at least 15 minutes prior to the race. 2- After the race you have to find you bag, or wait for someone to find it for you.  So, I have learned, from my dad, to go the thrift store and buy warm gear that you can just take off as you get warm.  This last race, I got a winter coat and some jogging pants.  I had an old hoodie that I also wore, and the race provided us with cheap gloves.  I took the coat and pants (get ones that you can easily slip over your shoes) off before the race.  Then, I took the hoodie off at one of the first aid stations.  The race company will just re-donate all your stuff!  The people we usually do races with like to have a competition to see who can look the most ridiculous.  It’s pretty fun!

8. No Cotton: I used to not think much about workout gear, but over my running and workout years have come to realize how important gear can be!  One of my biggest suggestions, especially with long distances, is NO COTTON!  Not even and especially cotton socks.   I only got a tiny tiny blister on one of my toes this race, which is pretty darn good for a marathon.  I also did not chafe at all, anywhere.  I attribute this to the lack of cotton in my attire.

7. Equipment: Running long distances often times requires a lot of “stuff.” Just make sure whatever stuff you are running with, is stuff you are used to running with.  Don’t try out new things on race day.

finish line6. Finish Line: Find out exactly where the finish line is and go see it if you can.  My first 2 marathons, I had no idea where the finish line was.  We passed the 26 mile mark, and the .2 miles to the finish line felt like forever!!!! This time, I figured out where it was, and at the end, I knew how much longer we had to go.  It was SO much better!  Now, for some people, this might not be best, everyone is different.

5. Fuel Properly: At aid stations, when you have the option of water or a sports drink, choose the sports drink.  Your body is doing a lot of work, and water does not replenish everything that is lost.  I get a cup of both and drink all of the sports drink, and then just a sip or two of water to wash it down.  Also, take gu, or other food.  Same as above, long distances require a lot from your body.  You can start to break down glycogen stores, so it is best to stay ahead of that.  If you feel thirsty, you are either already dehydrated, or have started into your glycogen stores, so drink as often as necessary.

IMG_10284. Talk to Yourself: I do this a lot while I run, but during a marathon, especially at the end, I talk to myself a lot.  My dad runs with me and we talk to each other the whole time, but I also have a conversation with myself.  When it gets hard, you need to give yourself a little pep talk.  “You trained for this, you are ready, you can do hard things.”  Then, at the end tell yourself you are almost there!  Tell yourself how amazing you are and how awesome of a thing you are about to accomplish! I love the quote above.  It is great when you think you cannot possibly go any farther.

3. Have a Goal: Goals are a great thing to have.  Now, just because you are running a marathon, does not mean your goal has to be a time!  I did not have a time goal this last marathon.  I had not trained properly, therefore, I knew setting a goal of a fast marathon would not be smart of me.  So, I had the goal to run at a comfortable pace with my dad, and enjoy the fact the my body is healthy enough to run that far!  So, whatever your goal may be, set one because accomplishing that goal will feel amazing!

2. Have Fun: Whatever goal you set, set another one to have fun!  For most people, running races is not their job, it is a hobby!  And hobbies are supposed to be fun, right?  So, make sure you are enjoying yourself!

smiley face

1. Be Nice to Yourself: Above all else, be nice to yourself.  If you are having an “off” running day, you can’t really do much about that.  Weather conditions are out of your control.  So, if you aren’t doing as well as you thought you would, don’t stress about it!  Be nice to yourself, and enjoy the race!


My Big Cottonwood Marathon Story

bcm cover pic

So, on Saturday I ran a Marathon!  Originally, I was going to run this marathon last year and qualify for the Boston Marathon.  Then, I made a bad decision, and ended up with a broken foot a few months before the race.  I was determined to recover quickly and still run, but that did not happen.  I lost a lot of muscle in my leg the 6 1/2 weeks I was on crutches.  So, the race was postponed for a year.  In April, I signed up for the marathon with the same goal as last year- qualify for Boston.  For me to qualify, I would have to run a 3:35 marathon, which is really fast for me.

Back track a few months… I ran a half-marathon in March and had some major stomach issues afterwards.  I could not even function for the rest of the day, and probably should have gone to the hospital to get an IV because I am sure I was incredibly dehydrated.

So, I began training for the Big Cottonwood Marathon.  I continued to have really bad stomach aches every time I ran more than 6-7 miles.  It was getting to the point that running long distances was no longer fun and I dreaded the rest of the day after a run.

I ran the Spartan Beast at the end of June with my husband. I loved every minute of the race!  But, once again, my stomach hurt for the rest of the day.  I think it was at this point I decided not to run the marathon.  I did not want to deal with these stomach problems while putting in so many miles.  Plus, I was enjoying my other workouts, like weightlifting and crossfit, way more than running.


I was really stressing out about the marathon.  My husband reminded me that all of this is a hobby!  I don’t have to run!  Sure, it is a great way to exercise, but if I am doing other things to stay in shape that I am enjoying more, than why not just do that?!  Duh!  He was so right! So, I stopped running!

I did not run for a couple of weeks, then slowly started getting back into it.  Just when I felt like it, and for however far I felt like going.  I liked running again!!!

Then one Saturday, the hubs took the boys to the fair.  I decided to try out a little longer run.  I thought I’d go 6-8 miles and see how I felt.  Before I knew it, I had gone 10 miles!  And, no stomach pain!  I began to rethink the marathon.  (Which was now 5 weeks away…)

A few weeks went by, and I continued to run 5-6 miles a couple times a week.  Then, 3 weeks before the marathon, I thought I’d shoot for 16 miles and if I didn’t die, I’d do the marathon.  Well, it was raining and I was tired, so I decided not to run.   Then, my dad called and said they were doing 20 miles when the rain stopped.  So, I dragged my kids out of bed and headed up to my parents’ house.  My awesome mom watched my kids while I ran 20 miles!  20 miles that I had NOT planned on doing!  We took it slow and enjoyed it!  And once again, my stomach was fine!  Welp, if I can go from 10miles to 20 miles, I can go from 20 to 26.2 right?  (I may or may not be a little bit crazy and DO NOT recommend training for a marathon in this way, especially if you are not a seasoned runner)

And just like that, the marathon was back in my plans!  However, my goals had completely changed!  I no longer had ANY desire to qualify for Boston.  I just wanted to run a beautiful course with the best dad in the world at a pace that we both felt comfortable with!

The race started at Brighton Ski Resort and went down Big Cottonwood Canyon.  It was really cold at the starting line, and it didn’t help that the race started 30 minutes late!  It was cold, but my mom had driven my dad up from the other side of the mountain, so we were able to get warmed up in the car for a few minutes!  She’s such a great wife and mother!


I love running downhill, so this race was perfect for me!  There were only a couple of spots that were a little steeper than was comfortable. The first 15 or so miles were coming down the canyon and we probably averaged a 7:30 pace.  Our fastest mile was a 6:43!  If you know how to run downhill, you can let gravity work for you.  My lungs never felt like they were working hard at all for those first 15 miles!

1bcm2 1bcm3 1bcm4









(I love the photo on the right so much!  Just enjoying a great conversation and not even thinking about the run. And I also like pictures of runners with both feet of the ground.  I just think they are cool)

Then came the hard part of the race.  The next 8ish miles were an out and back on a fairly flat road.  It felt uphill both ways.  I really did not like this section of the race!  Like, really, really did not like it!  So much so that one of our miles was over 11 minutes!  My calves were starting to burn and my dad kind of cramped up a little bit, which has never happened to him in his 16 other marathons!

1bcm5 1bcm6

Once we got past the out and back, we went up a little hill, then it was downhill for the last 4 miles!  I felt strong and energized for the last part!  In my other 2 marathons, my dad had to literally help me across the finish line.  So, I was so happy to cross the finish like with a smile on my face and carrying my own weight!


Our time was 3:38 which is an average pace of 8:20.  I was only 3 minutes away from qualifying for Boston!  Since it was not my goal to qualify, I am not at all disappointed that I didn’t run it 3 minutes faster!  I did however PR!  My other 2 marathons were 4:08 and 3:46.  They were 7 and 8 years ago, and I’ve had 2 kids since, so I am beyond happy with my time!  And now I know that if I really train, I can for sure qualify for Boston (if and when I want to 🙂


A few minutes after we crossed the finish line, I completely lost it! There is something about running with my dad and pushing myself to my physical limits, that just gets me emotional.  I am so grateful for my dad.  I am also grateful for my body, that it lets me do things like this.  I know it is a blessing and I will never take my body for granted.  I am also grateful for my extremely supportive husband.  He may think I’m a little crazy, but he loves that about me ( I think :).  And, I’m so grateful for my 2 little boys who are proud of their mommy and totally understanding that I missed a soccer game to run this race.


My stomach did hurt really bad for a few hours after the race, but nearly as bad as it did after my half-marathon.  So, I am not sure what my running future will be.  I am going to try and figure out what is going on because it seems so random!

Anyone have similar issues or advice on this?!?

I think one of my favorite running workouts is speed work.  It is fun to push yourself and then have a little recovery before you push yourself again.  I really think it also makes me become a faster runner. It is also a great calorie burner!

I loved this particular workout.   I walked away feeling like I got a killer workout, but didn’t feel dead.  I think the walking recovery part was the key.  I have done this same workout, but instead of doing the 4.o speed, I did 6.1.  Both are amazing workouts! (You can always change the speed to fit your level of running)


Roll on mobility ball. Find it HERE.  This is my favorite way to warm-up and loosen my muscles.  Then stretch for about 10 minutes.


treadmill 1




Protein and Protein Supplements

I have been talking and reading a lot about protein and protein powders with people lately.  My husband is trying to gain weight (not fair), a friend is trying to get more toned, another friend is trying to lose weight after having a baby.  I do not eat meat, but I lift weights a lot.  So, getting enough protein can be tricky and confusing.

The Purpose of Protein

Our body needs protein for many different reasons.  For our muscles to repair and get stronger, we need to consume protein.  Protein also contains amino acids that are essential to our bodies.  When you work out, especially weight training, you are actually breaking down your muscles.  They are repaired after you work out.  In order for them to repair themselves and get stronger, you need to eat protein. If you want a more in-depth article on protein, check out this article from

How Much Protein

How much protein a person needs is a somewhat controversial number.  People who are sedentary do not need as much protein as those who are active.  People, like my husband, who are trying to put on weight/muscle, need a lot of protein.  Sedentary women need about 45 g/day and men need about 65g/day.  I workout 5-6 days a week, doing running, weightlifting, HIIT, and yoga.  I do  not want to lose any muscle, and would also like to get stronger. So, I try to get about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight (I weight about 120 lbs, so I aim for 120 grams of protein a day.)  This may seem like a lot, but if I don’t get around that, I can feel it.  I am hungry at night and feel weak.  Depending on how active you are, you may need more protein than you think.

Sources of Protein

I think the best sources of protein are from animal sources.  Lean meats and fish are a great way to go- chicken, salmon, and lean red meats.  Eggs are also a great source of protein.  Eggs and fish are not only a great way to get protein, but they also have healthy fats that are essential for our bodies.

Since I don’t eat meat (it’s a texture thing, I really wish I liked it and am working on it), I have to get my protein from other places.  I use protein powder once or twice a day.  I also eat protein bars.  Eggs, tofu, and tempeh are regulars in my diet.  I don’t eat a lot of dairy, but I will add cottage cheese to my protein shakes sometimes to thicken it up-to make it more like a shake.  Greek yogurt mixed with protein powder is a really yummy treat that packs a huge protein punch.

Protein Powders

When it comes to protein powders, there are so many out there, it can be incredibly overwhelming.  Not only are there different brands, but so many different kinds.

-Whey Concentrate-

This type of protein is a basic type that is found in a lot of powders.  It is a great place to start if you are new to the protein powder world.  It is a good protein for pre or post workouts, but not the best option for before bed.

-Whey Isolate-

Whey Isolate is absorbed quicker than whey concentrate.  It is also a great pre or post workout option.  This is a good option for people who are trying to eat a low carb diet.  They can be a bit more pricey than whey concentrate.

-Hydrolysate Protein-

This is the most expensive type of protein on the market right now.  The way it was described to me was that the protein is “chopped up into tiny pieces so it is absorbed very quickly.”  It is best to drink this within 15-30 minutes post-workout to get the benefits of this type of protein.

-Casein Protein-

Casein Protein is the slowest to break down.  If you want a supplement to take before bed, this is your guy.  It is also a good option during the day to help you stay full longer.

-Pea Protein-

A great option for vegans, vegetarians, and those with food allergies.  It also has a lot of BCAA’s to help your body recover from a workout.  This protein can be used both pre and post workout.  It also is easier to digest than most whey proteins.


There are many more types of protein, but these are the ones I have read about. I try a lot of different protein powders and there are a lot of good options.  Right now I am using this one: V-Core Vantage Protein Powder.  It has a combination of some of the above mentioned types of protein.  It also contains BCAA’s which help your muscles repair. (I’ll do a post on BCAA’s soon).  I like the Vanilla because I can make a lot of different types of protein shakes with it.  My husband likes the chocolate and their best seller is the orange cream, which is also delicious!

I am a mom of 2 amazing little boys (5 and 2). It is a busy life we have and finding time to workout can be hard. I get it! But, because I take that time for myself everyday to workout, I have more energy and a better mom for the other 23 hours of the day. My kids know that I need that time to exercise and respect it. Plus, I am setting an example of how important being healthy and active is for them!

If you are having a hard time getting motivated or finding the time to workout, I have some ideas that might help you!

Gym with an Awesome Daycare

This is what I currently do. My kids and I wake-up, get dressed, have breakfast and then go to “kids club”. It is working out so well for us right now. The “teachers” at Kids Club are so great with my kids and since we go everyday, my kids now have lots of little friends from there. Another reason I love this is because I stay home with my kids, so this is a good time for them to be around other kids!

If you are thinking about going this route, go check out the gym and the daycare and make sure you feel good about it. I was so nervous about taking my little guys somewhere. I asked a million questions and they were great about answering them.

Mommy Swap

Another thing that is great for stay at home moms is a swap. I did this when my oldest was a baby. Once or twice a week, my friend and I would take turns watching each others kids so the other one could workout. It was perfect for that time in my life!

Jogging Stroller

If you like to run (or want to like to run), invest in a good quality jogging stroller. I bought the BOB found here: and then the double BOB when I had my second:

Whether you run or walk, these strollers are so easy to push! I never bought a regular stroller, I just used my BOB for everything! There are a lot of other great jogging strollers out there, just google it and find one that is right for you. I often run (or try to run when I am pushing the double-whew- it’s heavy) to the park to let the kids play, and then run home. While they are playing you could even do some body weight exercises like push-ups, planks, squats, lunges, and sit-ups. Or use those monkey bars to do pull-ups and some climbing! Your kids will love seeing you play on the playground!


Just be prepared to push an empty stroller for part of the time if you have active kids.  I bribe my boys with snacks and the iPad, but sometimes they want to run too.  Plus, there was some superhero business my little Captain America had to take care of. 🙂


Home Workout Videos

Before I started taking my kids to the gym daycare, I did a lot of home workout videos. There are some really great ones out there now! One of my very favorites is Insanity.

There is no equipment needed and it is fun and HARD!!! I did the whole program right after my first child turned one and got more toned abs than before I had a baby! (I also followed the nutrition part). Another one I’ve done is P90X. This requires a little more equipment and time, but it is a great workout!

Crossfit at Home

Have you heard of crossfit? It seems to be all the rage right now and for good reason! I love doing crossfit every once in a while and my husband does it every day! The great thing about it is it is very versatile and easy to adapt to do at home. You can build muscle and endurance at the same time! My good friend did a series on her blog about this topic, along with some great workouts. Check her out Here:

Early Bird

Waking up early can be hard;  Especially when cute little monsters wake you up in the middle of the night.  But, if that is when you can get a workout in, do it!  My husband works out early before work, otherwise, this would be what I do.  (Someone has to sleep in stay home with the sleeping babes.)
The Buddy System

We have all heard this one! Find someone to workout with! When you are held accountable, you are more likely to do it. Any of the above ideas can be done with a friend. Have a playdate with your kids and a workout date with a friend! Multi-tasking at its finest!


Most importantly, you have to decide that health and fitness are a priority. Set aside a certain time everyday to do it! I never schedule anything until after my workout (unless it is out of my control, like a wedding). I am worth it. It is my time for me. You are worth it too. Do it for yourself, and for your kids. Make it a priority!

What do you do to find time to workout? I’d love to hear other tips and tricks for those moms who workout!