I am a mom of 2 amazing little boys (5 and 2). It is a busy life we have and finding time to workout can be hard. I get it! But, because I take that time for myself everyday to workout, I have more energy and a better mom for the other 23 hours of the day. My kids know that I need that time to exercise and respect it. Plus, I am setting an example of how important being healthy and active is for them!

If you are having a hard time getting motivated or finding the time to workout, I have some ideas that might help you!

Gym with an Awesome Daycare

This is what I currently do. My kids and I wake-up, get dressed, have breakfast and then go to “kids club”. It is working out so well for us right now. The “teachers” at Kids Club are so great with my kids and since we go everyday, my kids now have lots of little friends from there. Another reason I love this is because I stay home with my kids, so this is a good time for them to be around other kids!

If you are thinking about going this route, go check out the gym and the daycare and make sure you feel good about it. I was so nervous about taking my little guys somewhere. I asked a million questions and they were great about answering them.

Mommy Swap

Another thing that is great for stay at home moms is a swap. I did this when my oldest was a baby. Once or twice a week, my friend and I would take turns watching each others kids so the other one could workout. It was perfect for that time in my life!

Jogging Stroller

If you like to run (or want to like to run), invest in a good quality jogging stroller. I bought the BOB found here:http://www.bobgear.com/strollers/revolution-pro and then the double BOB when I had my second: http://www.bobgear.com/strollers/revolution-se-duallie

Whether you run or walk, these strollers are so easy to push! I never bought a regular stroller, I just used my BOB for everything! There are a lot of other great jogging strollers out there, just google it and find one that is right for you. I often run (or try to run when I am pushing the double-whew- it’s heavy) to the park to let the kids play, and then run home. While they are playing you could even do some body weight exercises like push-ups, planks, squats, lunges, and sit-ups. Or use those monkey bars to do pull-ups and some climbing! Your kids will love seeing you play on the playground!


Just be prepared to push an empty stroller for part of the time if you have active kids.  I bribe my boys with snacks and the iPad, but sometimes they want to run too.  Plus, there was some superhero business my little Captain America had to take care of. 🙂


Home Workout Videos

Before I started taking my kids to the gym daycare, I did a lot of home workout videos. There are some really great ones out there now! One of my very favorites is Insanity. http://www.amazon.com/INSANITY-Base-Kit-DVD-Workout/dp/B002QZ1RS6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409005823&sr=8-1&keywords=insanity+workout+dvd+set

There is no equipment needed and it is fun and HARD!!! I did the whole program right after my first child turned one and got more toned abs than before I had a baby! (I also followed the nutrition part). Another one I’ve done is P90X. http://www.amazon.com/P90X-DVD-Workout-Base-Kit/dp/B000TG8D6I/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409005968&sr=8-1&keywords=p90x+dvd+set This requires a little more equipment and time, but it is a great workout!

Crossfit at Home

Have you heard of crossfit? It seems to be all the rage right now and for good reason! I love doing crossfit every once in a while and my husband does it every day! The great thing about it is it is very versatile and easy to adapt to do at home. You can build muscle and endurance at the same time! My good friend did a series on her blog about this topic, along with some great workouts. Check her out Here: http://amommyslifewithatouchofyellow.blogspot.com/2013/10/at-home-crossfit-workouts-part-one.html

Early Bird

Waking up early can be hard;  Especially when cute little monsters wake you up in the middle of the night.  But, if that is when you can get a workout in, do it!  My husband works out early before work, otherwise, this would be what I do.  (Someone has to sleep in stay home with the sleeping babes.)
The Buddy System

We have all heard this one! Find someone to workout with! When you are held accountable, you are more likely to do it. Any of the above ideas can be done with a friend. Have a playdate with your kids and a workout date with a friend! Multi-tasking at its finest!


Most importantly, you have to decide that health and fitness are a priority. Set aside a certain time everyday to do it! I never schedule anything until after my workout (unless it is out of my control, like a wedding). I am worth it. It is my time for me. You are worth it too. Do it for yourself, and for your kids. Make it a priority!

What do you do to find time to workout? I’d love to hear other tips and tricks for those moms who workout!


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  1. Antonio

    We have three kids (6 months), 2 and 3. What shuold we do for a stroller?We currently have a Graco Double stroller that is not very convenient. Triple jogging strollers cost a fortune and don’t seem worth the money for the relatively short time that we would use it. We were thinking maybe a double jogger, with a stand on riding attachment. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


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